Darryl completed a comprehensive review of our current health benefits policy and presented several options for us.  He is professional, patient and is empathetic to our organizational needs.  He goes above and beyond throughout the quoting process, implementation, and post implementation.  My only regret is that we did not make the switch to Darryl sooner.


Vice President & Treasurer, (company of 50 employees)

I have had the pleasure of working with Darryl and The Benefit Solution for approximately 10 years at various places of employment over this time period. Darryl has been extremely helpful in all aspects of benefits review, analysis and management of individual claims as required. Darryl provides a thorough report on all aspects of group plans with market comparisons that allow a company to decide what benefit plan suits both their employee needs and corporate budget. Darryl is proactive in reaching out to clients about changes in plan rates or suggestions for improvements. I have and will continue to recommend The Benefit Solution Inc. to companies looking for personalized and professional services for company Group benefits plans.


CFO, (company of 100 employees)

It is with great confidence that I recommend Darryl Davis and The Benefit Solution to be your preferred provider for employee benefits.

I have been working with Darryl for about 12 years, and he is always quick to respond to any inquiries with thorough and knowledgeable answers. Darryl is not afraid to think outside of the box to ensure that my organization is getting the best service and rates that we can. This is a testament to his knowledge of his organization and industry.

Darryl is very personable and is always a pleasure to communicate with. His responses are always well thought out and prompt, even outside of regular business hours.

I highly recommend Darryl Davis and The Benefit Solution to be your benefits service provider. Darryl’s dedication and attitude gives me great confidence that he will be as much of a benefit to assisting your organization as he was mine.


CFO, (company of 50 employees)

Darryl Davis of The Benefit Solution, has been the most wonderful Benefits Advisor we could have asked for. He is extremely knowledgeable about his field and the industry, very pro-active in sourcing the best-possible health plans and prices, and always available to help with any issues we may have with our claims. He has been very helpful to me personally, on a number of occasions, “going to bat” for me on claims that were troublesome. At the end of each year, when our plans are coming up for renewal, Darryl goes to great lengths to assess our claims history, and ensures that we are getting the best bang for our buck.

We have been with The Benefit Solution for well over 10 years, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Darryl to anyone who is looking for a top-notch benefits advisor.


Executive Assistant, (company of 75 employees)

I have worked with Darryl at Benefit Solutions for many years and he has always been able to give detailed information very quickly.  Going through a pandemic and navigating different insurance needs he proved to be a big asset to my role and helping employees navigate new insurance needs. 

Darryl has a great wealth of insurance knowledge and is so respectful and kind to work with.  He advocates for the agency at renewal time with insurance providers which can help keep costs within a reasonable rate. 

Can’t say enough about Darryl!  Trust he is the best!


Finance Manager, (company of 20 employees)

I have known Darryl Davis for many years, as he was the Benefits Broker for my previous employer.  When I came to work at ServiceMaster, I immediately thought of him, when Benefits was spoken about.  Darryl is very knowledgeable about the business, very enthusiastic and always works so hard in order to get the customer the best and most efficient plan to suit their needs. We could not be happier with the service his company, the Benefits Solution, has provided to us, and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make a switch.


Office Manager, (company of 100 employees)

The Benefit Solution look after both our company’s benefit program and retirement plan. Darryl Davis and The Benefit Solution has consistently exceeded our expectations. Darryl Davis is personable and responsive to our needs. I have worked with Darryl over the past 13 years and the quality of service he provides is outstanding. The suggestions, advice and expertise Darryl has provided has helped us improve and enhance our benefits resulting in the best available benefits for our employees and company. The information The Benefit Solution provides is always clearly detailed and current and makes it easy for us to understand our plan. I highly recommend working with Darryl Davis and his team at The Benefit Solution.


Accounting & Human Resources Manager, (company of 35 employees)

We made the decision to switch our benefits advisor to The Benefit Solution over 7 years ago. We do not take such changes lightly and we had been fairly pleased with the incumbent advisor at that time. However we felt that Darryl could deliver a better experience, help us modernize our program and save us money. We have been very pleased with the services received and The Benefit Solution has delivered in all these areas. Darryl feels like an extension of our company, he is always at the ready to help us.

When we first switched to The Benefit Solution Darryl helped us modernize our benefits program to ensure we had appropriate levels of benefits for our group. Darryl took care of most of the work, he just needed us to make the major decisions. We have had a few difficult issues to revolve since Darryl took over our plan and his prompt and knowledgeable guidance has helped us work through each issue. Darryl provides just the right amount of information – to us that is a quarterly review. The regular newsletters are also a source of good and relevant information.

The Benefit Solution has exceeded our expectations. It is always a pleasure to meet with Darryl and it is very apparent that he cares about our business. I would be happy to provide further information about our experiences to prospective clients of The Benefit Solution.


VP Finance, (company of 125 employees)