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About The Benefit Solution Inc.

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The Benefit Solution Inc. is a full service group benefits and group pension consulting firm that began from scratch. First we talked to you, the Customer. You told us what you thought and we listened – so well in fact that we incorporated your ideas into our grassroots philosophy and services that we provide today.

Our mission is to help companies like yours make the best possible investment in their employees through their valuable employee benefit programs.

Our guarantee is to deliver 110% Customer Service and industry expertise through our leading edge innovations and “Outside the Box!” solutions.

At The Benefit Solution, we realize that the future is always being created. We will not rest on our successes and will always maintain a “sense of urgency” when it comes to your issues and ideas.

And you’ll always be certain that we are working for your benefit alone.

The Benefit Solution is proud to be named one of the Top 20 Benefits and Pensions Consultants in Canada for 2024!

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